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Bubble Breaker is a fun crush bubble games. Tap to pop bubble, the more bubble pop, the more score you will get! It is so simple and addictive that you will not stop playing. Bubble Breaker is addictive classic logic game. The goal of the game is to break as many groups of bubbles as possible. A group of bubbles consists of two or more adjacent bubbles of the same color. Play a simple and addictive casual game. How to Play: - Tap two or more adjacent bubble of the same color. - The more bubble crush at once time, the higher score you get. - Game ends when there no bubble could be crush. Game features: - Game mode: Classic, Arcade, Casual. - Sweet and delicious UI & cool animation effects. - Free game without wifi. Tips on Scoring: - Remember just two rules below: 1. The more bubble break, the more score you will get. 2. Try to break all bubble, you will get a lot of bonus. Differently colored Bubbles are randomly spread across the board in a matrix form. When you click on any two or more adjacent Bubbles of the same color they are removed from the matrix. The more Bubbles you remove at once the higher score you get. Removing two bubbles only will give very low score, so aim to remove as many bubbles as possible in one go. Game ends when there are no Bubbles left which could be removed. This Game is like a Gym for your brains. It will help to mentally challenge yourself. Bubble Breaker is a perfect companion for your leisure or a solution for your boredom. Click on a Dice image at the top of the screen to select Game Level. Try this fun bubble games and you will love it!


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Entertainment Games Studio: FPS, RPG



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26,17 MB


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