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“Castle Breakout, with its stunning photo-realistic 3D graphics and engaging set of puzzles, sets the highest new standard for the room-escape genre in 2017.” Some forge steel. Others do battle with swords. "The game was epic. It is hard to find free games that are like this, devs did a good job designing the game.", by IReallyLikePizzas Your task, as a security expert, is to make sure the castle is safe. Test the castle's updated security system, find the right clues and solve the challenging puzzles in this medieval escape game. __________________ 3D RENDERED GRAPHICS IN PHOTO-REALISTIC DETAILS An experience so natural, you can almost feel the surface of each object. INTRICATE CLUES AND CHALLENGING PUZZLES Easy to begin, getting more complicated and hard to put down. Castle Breakout is unique in it’s own tastes in that it takes place in the past. People who enjoy meeting exceptional puzzles to escape, know the secret of the mysterious rooms. There are indeed many secrets to be had, and more puzzle solving to explore in this hidden place! Break out, from this skills-based room escape. Finding codes, and objects in this strange residence of old, will help you meet your match in medieval lifestyles. Use your wits or else!


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Brand new


  • Over 150 5 star reviews on iOS! Now coming to Windows.
  • Gorgeous themed backgrounds
  • Addictive rooms are waiting for you!
  • 100% FREE to Play
  • Logic brain teasers
  • Room Escape Game
  • Dungeon Breakout
  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Gorgeous graphics and sound
  • Balanced difficulty levels from very easy to very hard

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Ron Packard Jr.


Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc.

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Ron Packard, Jr.



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899,67 MB


Fyrir 3 ára og eldri

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