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Explore the earth in 2.5D! View the world around you in 2.5D or visit any cool place in the world from your phone! ✓ pitch the map via three (3) finger gesture ✓ rotate the map via two (2) finger rotation gesture ✓ zoom the map via two (2) finger zoom gesture ✓ view your current location ✓ search for street, city, country ✓ "my places" collection (favorites) ✓ share places via email ✓ bing search integration ✓ compass You can add any place in the world to your "my places" collection, either via search function or via double tap on the map. You can send any place from your "my places" collection via email. When you reveice such an mail an windows phone you can directly launch Earth Explorer from the email link, displaying the send place. Watch EE live in action on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyscEO-5YG4 The TRIAL VERSION is fully functional without any limitations but displays ads. If you're tired of those ads and like EE, please consider bying the full version to get ride of those ads. How to use the build in phone search to find places: http://www.wolfsys.net/earth-explorer-bing-search-integration/ Regional differences in sat picture quality explained: http://www.wolfsys.net/earth-explorer-differences-in-sat-picture-quality/ Different qualities of location detection: http://www.wolfsys.net/earth-explorer-location-service-accuracy/ History: bing search integration UI changes added compass location services timeout default: 8 sec location services timeout high: 20 sec send places via email add received places to "my places" collection bug fixes initial release


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