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Warning: This experience may cause motion sickness. Y’all come get your “green” on in the bayou while learning what LEED, sustainable materials, and “green” construction have to do with rebuilding in post-Hurricane Katrina territory. Fly through pleasant pastel clouds as you twist and turn, diving through hoops in the sky. You chart your course by soaring through the ring with the correct answer to science questions posed in the clouds. Know what a garbage gyre is? Find out how this devastating ocean phenomenon is endangering our planet’s marine life AND what you can do to help. Meet Jambo, a savvy shark who avoids an oil spill in the gulf during his daily adventures. Find out how human activity impacts our aquatic friends and what optimal behaviors would look like. Sort, crush, press, deliver--tour the inside of a recycling plant and follow materials around at the different stages and in various forms. What exactly does happen once we toss our drink container in the bin? As always, VictoryVR curriculum is stimulating and fun! Better yet, it’s rooted in the Next Gen Science Standards so it is directly linked with science teachings in today’s classrooms.


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