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Greetings from Frank Malgieri, owner of FM Software Solutions in Vacaville, CA. This app version is my Retirement gift to you! The application is FREE with 100% FULL functionality, is now 100% AD FREE, and NO longer requires an internet connection. The Guitar Chord Collections application provides quick access by root tone and chord type to over 4000 guitar chords. All animated chord box and full fretboard views display the chord name and the common abbreviated symbol, fret numbers, a suggested fingering, as well as tone and interval labeling. To play the chord simply tap or click one of the four buttons at the bottom of the chord box or fretboard to listen to the full chord as a strum down, strum up, or as an arpeggio up or down one note at a time in sequence. You may also play single chord tones by tapping or clicking directly on the note in the chord box or fretboard. To view and play the scale tones from which the chord is derived simply swipe from the bottom of the screen, or right click, to open the lower application bar and then tap or click the Scale button. In addition to a full chord dictionary users may access chords directly via their associated chord family collection. Finally, the Moveable Collection, is a great learning tool to allow you to view, play, and learn moveable chords in five different shapes (CAGED System) and positions on a full 21 fret fretboard view. There are option settings for volume playback as well as left or right handed preference for chord box and fretboard views.


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FM Software Solutions


FM Software Solutions Copyright © 2018

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Frank Malgieri



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