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👽 What is ItsLogic? 🙂 ItsLogic is basically a logical game. 👽 A logical game … to do what? 🙂 Let's say solve a puzzle. As in a puzzle, you have a board and you must find out which symbol – or piece - goes in each box 👽 and where is the logic? 🙂 the game gives you logical clues, so you can deduce what symbol goes in what box 👽 What do you mean by logical clues? 🙂 the logical clues are of the style of: these pieces are on the board and these others are not, or only one of these two is correct, or at least one of these two pieces is not correct. or ... 👽 and that is logic? 🙂 Absolutely. It’s based on the propositional logic. Propositional logic is universal, and all of us use it even without noticing it. It means that everyone can to follow this logic. Apparently, the clues hide the response of the game, but from the clues you can deduce the correct answers 👽 Is it like in an intriguing or detective novel? 🙂 You can also see it that way. The reasoning can be similar, you must find a clue to start, chain clues, follow false leads and discard them, realize that if something is false, it can mean that something else is true. Yes, in fact, every time we reason in a logical way, we do it in the same way: in a logical way 👽 Ok, start to like me. Tell me more 🙂I assure you that when you deduct the clues and arrive at the solution you take a joy. The challenge is fun. It's not exactly liked a novel or a detective movie because the game is totally symbolic. It is a board game and you can play again and again, and each game is different 👽 but it seems that you should use the same skill, right? 🙂 Certainly, as we have said before, the logic used in ItsLogic is universal. You can even see it as a logic gym. In that sense, you can be sure that it will help you develop your logical thinking while you are enjoying yourself 👽 Is it easy? 🙂 You can imagine that you start easy and it gets complicated, but with ItsLogic you can always decide the level of complexity in which you want to play in each moment. In addition, sometimes you want to play a series of simple and fast games, while other times you want the challenge of a complex game 👽 What if you get stuck? 🙂 Practically all of us will find levels of the game that are easy for us, other levels that will be a challenge and other levels that seem impossible. As we continue to dominate the game the bar will go up and more and more games will be affordable. But sooner or later, as normal, we can find games that we do not know how to deal with: You get stuck, and that is annoying. Many times, we would just need an idea, or an example, other times we would just have to have some tool, such as being able to point out what we are deducting, or that something or someone tells you what the next step is. ItsLogic knows that ItsLogic has a lot of help tools so you never get stuck. You can use the tools to learn, to get a push or just to adapt the game to the level of complexity you want. Staying stuck is not fun and solving games is fun. With ItsLogic you can solve from the simplest game to the most complex. It's part of the game. 👽 It's logical, I'm going to develop my logical thinking while I'm having fun, I'm not going to be alone if I get stuck ... I'm going to try it 🙂 Well, sounds logical


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✔ more natural and intuitive ✔ many assistants, you will never be stuck ✔ Improvements for ease of use


  • logical thinking
  • logic reasoning and deduction
  • mental challenge
  • ability to follow chained clues
  • cutivate your intellect
  • easy to play
  • for everyone
  • decide the level at which you want to play

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