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The beautifully designed app, especially for toddlers (2-4 age group) which lay the groundwork for learning basic skills without losing interest. Toddlers learning games is a collection of games/puzzles for preschool children. To teach your pre-k kiddo color, shapes, fruits, vegetables, English Alphabet, abc phonics, counting numbers, creatures (animals) , Musical notes, basic piano and tracing. The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners (Age 2-4 years). Fourteen high quality baby games activities at a single place keeps the kid enchanted with the experience of the fun games for the. The learning based educational activities are perfect for kids to inculcate inquisitiveness in their early childhood. The children games encourage to learn at their own pace. No winning and no losing keep the kid amused for hours. Rewards and appreciation earned at the end of each activity boost the kid’s morale.Each quiz in itself act as baby toy for the little ones. Adorable stickers can be collected in a box after scoring enough points. ** Toddlers Games are designed to enhance following skills 1. Fourteen colorful & engaging activities for young minds. 2. Core activities for foundation stage of primary school kids. 3. Helps to develop skills for early learning while keeping kids busy and engaged. 4. Primary games for cognitive skills for kids. 5. Hand-eye coordination using early learning games. 6. Concentration and Memory development in infants. 7. Visual perception 8. Digital Baby Toys 9. Classification 10. Symmetry 11. Motor skills development of your baby 12. Introducing child to basic musical notes using a Piano. 13. Baby coloring games to introduce colors for toddlers. ** List of games - Hanging fruits - Floating bubbles - Match the shadow - Fill the Colors - Color Fun - Hungry frog - Scratch to reveal - Underwater catch - Balloon Pop - Balloon Fun - Jigsaw puzzle - Sea Wonder - Learn to write - Toddler's Piano Educational games are great mode of learning for preschoolers. It helps to inculcate interest and positive attitude towards learning since a very early age. Learning by doing or Experiential learning is one of the most recommended way to introducing basic concepts to infants and babies. Quoting experts on kid's learning styles: "Children enter kindergarten as kinesthetic and tactual learners, moving and touching everything as they learn. By second or third grade, some students have become visual learners. During the late elementary years some students, primarily females, become auditory learners. Yet, many adults, especially males, maintain kinesthetic and tactual strengths throughout their lives." (Teaching Secondary Students Through Their Individual Learning Styles, Rita Stafford and Kenneth J. Dunn; Allyn and Bacon, 1993). App features 1. Colourful games to teach kids learning basics 2. Frequent repetition to help children learn 3. Easy to use. Kid’s friendly interface 4. Beautiful stickers to earn 5. Enticing Graphics and amazing colors. 6. Quizzes to enhance hand eye co-ordination and motor skills of the child (Balloon Fun and Balloon pop ). 7. Free play 8.Learn basic music/piano notes. ** About Greysprings ** Visit us at www.greysprings.com ** Contact us: contact@greysprings.com ** Applications from Greysprings 1. Kindergarten Kids Learning 2. Kids Shapes & Colors 3. Kids Preschool Learn Letters 4. Kids games Learning math ** Privacy 1. Privacy policy: http://www.greysprings.com/privacy 2. We do not collect any personal information about kids


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