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Turn your phone into the safety switch for your digital life! Simple and practical. • Switch off your digital accounts when you are not using them. No one will be able to access them! • Have your credit cards and bank accounts active just when you need them • Schedule the automatic disconnection at nights or custom times and dates • Include TOTPs in your social media • Have a single wallet with your latches and TOTPs Latch lets you add an extra level of security to your online accounts and services. To help to prevent any unauthorized use, Latch gives you the control to switch off your services with a single tap when you are not using them, and you can even be alerted of unauthorized access attempts if you want. Simple. Security and Control with a single tap. Within everyone's reach. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Pair your Latch account with Latch-enabled services. Set your locks and you´re done! Start enjoying this added protection! If you are a Latch user and are happy with us, take a few seconds to rate and give us your 5 stars. The truth that helps us develop a new community and inspire us to continue improving! Do you know how to protect your digital identity with Latch? Visit https://latch.elevenpaths.com So you want to participate in the Latch developers community? There you can download our SDKs and plugins for free! We look forward to seeing you there! https://latch.elevenpaths.com/www/ If you like cybersecurity, we have a community and blog at ElevenPaths, check it out and get involved!: https://community.elevenpaths.com/elevenpaths, http://blog.elevenpaths.com/


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Telefonica Digital Identity And Privacy

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Telefonica Digital Identity And Privacy



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