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METAMOJI CLASSROOM REQUIRES A METAMOJI CLOUD LICENSE PLEASE CONTACT US AT BUSINESS.METAMOJI.COM/CLASSROOM FOR MORE INFORMATION MetaMoJi ClassRoom provides an interactive teaching environment for individual study, group study, and collaborative learning. As a social learning platform, Share for Classroom allows teachers to digitally guide student work progress in real-time online interaction. The app provides teachers with a virtual whiteboard canvas to customize highly visual lesson plans including drawing, handwriting, images, websites, even audio and video files. As students work through the lesson plans, teachers can monitor their progress with a virtual look over the shoulder. Since all results of document markup are displayed in real-time, student engagement in lesson plans can become highly interactive. For distance learning situations, the cloud-based streaming environment provides an ideal way for instructor and student to work closer together. All work is displayed as it is entered in real-time, making it easier to illustrate and share lessons and ideas. MetaMoJi ClassRoom allows teachers to distribute a “Class Note” to their students. The note is either created from scratch with the powerful tools within the app or by importing files from PDF or Microsoft Office formats. Opening the Class Note starts a class. The students can write answers, sketch drawings or import photos and graphics to illustrate their ideas. Teachers can monitor how each student or group is progressing through the lesson. Easy management controls even allow the teacher to pass presentation control to the student to demonstrate their work. Following the lesson presented in class, students can join collaborative study groups and work through their homework together by checking in to the same document and sharing ideas within it. Teachers can used the platform for wraparound tutoring opportunities, helping students individually or in a group in virtual sessions. Teachers can even run an interactive lecture with their remote students. The winner of two Envisioneering awards at CES Showstoppers 2014, MetaMoJi ClassRoom is based on the same framework as the multi-award winning MetaMoJi Share. Key Features: •Teachers can monitor up to 50 students working in real-time within each session •The vast palette of tools allow you to enter text, handwriting, drawings, photos, audio files and web pages – all in high resolution scalable vector graphics •Teachers can develop lessons from scratch or by marking up imported PDF or Microsoft Office files via Google Drive •Teachers can control the lesson session so that all students will view the same page and zoomed area and use highlighter options to emphasize a point •Video and audio recording options can capture an accurate record of the lesson session •Notes and folders can be automatically synchronized and stored to our cloud service allowing you to back-up and manage your documents across multiple devices •The Shared Box and Class Box capability allows co-editing and ownership of documents •Interactively browse the web from within the app and mark up sites •Password protect documents for privacy and organize in tagged folders which can be automatically synchronized •Shapes tool provides editable shapes •Shape recognition converts your drawing to a basic shape •Smart cropping tool vastly extends photo editing •The Class Coordinator tool to deliver class materials from a web browser •User management tools facilitate adding students and groups and assigning permissions Web Site: http://business.metamoji.com/classroom/ About MetaMoJi Share: http://shareanytime.com/ Contact us: http://business.metamoji.com/contactus Email: sales@metamoji.com MetaMoJi Corporation Privacy Policy: http://product.metamoji.com/en/privacy/


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