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OASIS is an acronym for Online Approvals and Sanctions Information System It is an application to disseminate information about the Administrative Approvals, Sanctions and Releases of the various schemes and projects of the North Eastern Council (NEC) [http://necouncil.gov.in] This is a mobile counterpart of the web application hosted on OASIS Website [http://shillong.nic.in/oasis/report.aspx] It is a cross-platform enterprise-linked mobile application with versions for Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows Phone 7.x/8.x as well as PC. The main objective of this application is to empower the users by delivering enterprise information to their mobile devices. Now, they need not have to own a PC/Laptop or always be connected. It is an attempt to provide information-on-the-go! Latest information can, however, be retrieved only when the mobile device is connected. Once the data on the device has synced, up-to-date information can always be retrieved even when the device is offline. The kind of information that is being disseminated through this mobile app is different from that which is being done through the web-based counterpart mentioned above. The focus here is to deliver information that is more relevant and pertinent to the stakeholders rather than more generalised information that is already being delivered through the web version.


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No warranties, expressed or implied are included with this software application. Use it at your own risk. Information provided is based on data provided by NEC. NIC disowns responsibility for the accuracy and authenticity of data.

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