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This is a beautiful, light yet powerful notes app with many interesting features, makes you fall in ❤️ with writing. With a large range of platforms supports, it's easy to capture ideas when inspiration strikes, you can take notes, keep a diary, organize your ideas, also store your documents, whatever you like! All of these can be synchronized seamlessly. Besides, Orange Notes provides many beautiful themes, you can feel a different writing mood anytime you change the theme. ■ As swift as a bird. Orange Notes 📙 is clean, swift, and powerful. Unlike other notes taking app, every feature in Orange Notes is carefully selected following the practicality principle. ■ A rich set of formatting tools Orange Notes provides a rich set of helpful tools for you, you can write and record easily and fluently, whether you are a professional writer or just simply want to record mood and life. The rich set of helpful tools will let you write easily and fluently, whether you are a professional writer or just simply want to record mood and life. You can insert attachments like photos or files, they can be stored forever and synchronized; The built-in task list tool☑️, with which you can track a task item and manage them; If you are a programmer, you can collect your favorite codes; the built-in code block format will automatically highlight the syntax. ■ Markdown shortcut mode 📝 Want to insert a title? Just type “#” and space. That’s it. This markdown shortcut follows the standard markdown practice, provides a real-time conversion. It can save your time. You don’t need to figure out where the button sits and move your mouse, just type! ■ Well-designed focus mode💡 With a single tap, the active paragraph becomes lighter while others fade out. When you finish a paragraph and start writing the new one, the light 💡 will automatically switch to the new one. With this mode enabled, you can be more concentrated on the thought you have right now without interruption. ■ Sync everywhere, in real-time 📲 Orange Notes supports Google Drive and iCloud. The built-in smart synchronize system can sense and know when is the right time to sync your content. No “Sync” button, your content will automatically updated across all your devices in real-time. Just focus on your note, let the app do the heavy lift. You can choose your favorite one to sync. No matter which cloud platform you have chosen, sync can still work on all your mac/iOS devices, android phone, or windows PC. With Apple Cloudkit integrated, you are now able to use your Android phone or Windows PC to sync the note data stored in iCloud. ■ Beautiful themes with dark mode supports 🎨 There are many sets of beautiful themes, they will be applied to the whole application, not just the editor area. The theme can be changed immediately without restart the app, we hope this can bring you a new writing mood if you feel a little bit tired ✍️ . You can set the light mode and dark mode theme separately. When your system goes into a new mode, the theme of Orange Notes will be applied automatically. ■ Your data is protected.🔏 You are the only person who can manage your data. Anyone including us is not able to view any of your note data. Your data will be only stored on your device and your private cloud account. When sync, all your note content is transmitted directly from your device to the cloud platform's server, they will not be redirect or collected by our server. ■ Ultimate privacy protection 👮🏻‍♀️ This is a pure note-taking application designed following strict privacy protection principles and practices. It will not collect any of your privacy or device data. The only exception is the diagnostic data you send to us with approval. We know how important a joyful experience is for writing. We will always follow this design philosophy. If you got any ideas or questions, don’t hesitate to share them with us, together we make Orange Notes better.

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