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A whole new puzzle game where you solve puzzles to battle Pokémon ! These mischievous monsters are all mixed-up! Can you help them reconnect with all of the cuddly creatures that are just like them in this online puzzle game? Pokemon Monster GO - a strategy match game with superb power pocket gem ball. Match all the same powerful colour gem to gain real fight energy. Once you reach the limit, you will be defeated. Don't give up and keep trying! In this Pokemon Monster GO free startegy game, your goal is simple! Go and match all the gem to defeat opponent! Simple one touch and fun to play everywhere even on the go. Simple guide inside! Play it even your are offline. 100% free to play! It comes with beautiful graphic assets and stunning sound effects. Complete each of the deck mission in Pokemon Monster GO and be the top pocket gem ball fighter. Make full use of the boom, magic water and diamond powerful, determine the best moves and tactic and crush the deck mission! Put the pieces together by drawing a line between them. Be careful! There is more than 1 way to connect the pieces together. If you choose the wrong one, you will not be able to connect the rest of the pieces. Set your moves strategically. This will allow you to move forward and become a master of the game. Enhance the level of difficulty. Connect all the monsters in each level, how you will pass the current, and reach next level. Best board move in the game will win! Download Poke Monster GO game now!


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