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Skip the difficulty of drawing, and jump straight to the fun of coloring! If you find yourself frequently anxious or easily stressed, you’ll be surprised to learn that coloring is still one of the most beneficial methods for stress relieving and relaxing the mind, adult coloring is a growing trend and also helps enhance the creativity of the user. Relaxing Coloring Book is a coloring game made for all ages, providing the user with over 70 different canvases and a versatility of coloring options, including ready-made colors and the ability to make your own color, much like a painting book. The painting book offers 12 categories for you to choose from, with Faces, Animals, Birds, and Pets being only a few of the choices to choose from. This is a coloring game that will help stimulate your creativity, and is a great entry point for anyone who wants to get into the beautiful world of adult coloring. Whether you are on your commute from a hard day’s work, a tough day of classes, or just looking for something to take your mind off the world around you, you’ll find the coloring game to be a thoroughly relaxing experience for you, various studies have shown that activities involving creativity have great effects for stress relieving. With Relaxing Coloring Book, the immersive painting book will allow users to color in beautiful canvases at their own pace with the help of relaxing music to help with the creative process, the music is an integral part of the experience and helps guide the player when coloring. The app also offers a feature that allows users to save their work to their local gallery storage or the apps own gallery, you can also screenshot your own work for sharing with friends and family.


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