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The easiest way to relax when you have just a few minutes is to download a new puzzle game for your Windows. Once upon a time a puzzle game Retris (inspired by classic retro Tetris blocks) started on non-graphic displays. The new versions of the game are much brighter and diverse. Retris is one of the best in our opinion, although one can find dozens of Bricks, Blocks, Pentomino and 1010!-like games in the Internet. But it is still essentially the same game that was originally Quadris (classic puzzle Tetris). You can choose number of figures – 9 as in the classical version; 11 – a mix of three and four bricks; Pentax, 17 – all the figures. You can moderate type of figure movement (fluent/intermittent), initial speed, figure colors (as in Tetcolor). At the same time there are no frills, and classic Tetris and Tetcolor lovers might grow fond of it. Retris has two color modes: in the first one all pieces of a certain type consist of blocks of the same color. The bottom part that is not burned is composed of disparate units if mixed colors - the remnants of the thrown shapes. The second mode is when a falling figure is composed of red blocks, and the bottom blocks (made of the fallen ones) are blue. Retris provides an opportunity to show a transparent grid that divides a figure into blocks. The game can show a “phantom” – an identical “twin” of a falling figure to help you see where it is better to place it. One can choose a mode of control type in Quadris: if you prefer to play holding your smartphone or tablet with two hands, you can select a mode in which the control buttons are situated to the left and to the right from the game field. There is also an option "play with one hand" in Quadris, the control buttons are placed to the right from the playing field on your smartphone or tablet screen. You can compete with other players as in many other puzzle games. It is possible to play anonymously or to register and get your unique nickname. After that your results get into the global chart. Enjoy the auto-save function if your game is interrupted by a call or any other program switch on the smartphone! How to play: - Create horizontal lines using the falling blocks; - When you make a line of blocks, it is cleared from the screen; - The game is over when the blocks pile up and reach the top of the screen; - You get more points for completing multiple lines at once. You can play the new version of Quadris either online and offline. The game may be of interest both to adult fans of the classic Tetris game and to attract the younger generation, it is as easy to use as educational online games. The phenomenon of classic puzzle games – Tetris and other related puzzle games like Quadris, Pentax, etc. – has been repeatedly studied by scientists. If one believes their opinion, downloading a free puzzle game (like Quadris or Tetris), you get both a free shrink and a free nutritionist – it is believed that classic puzzle and logic games may relieve stress, may help to ease one’s condition after psychological problems and may reduce the risk of overeating by switching attention to the game. As opposed to the "shooters", Quadris and other classic puzzles can calm, giving a feeling that you put your life in order and under control along with the blocks on the playing field. Download for free and join the wonderful company of smart puzzle-crackers!


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