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SmartWindows is a feature-rich productivity tool for Windows 10. It makes your Windows 10 smarter by giving you enhanced capabilities and more hands at work. It eliminates the overhead of manual restoration and arrangement of the desktop apps through automated features. SmartWindows is a great productivity app that allows you to efficiently manage user profiles, browsers, and multiple displays. Whether you are a student or a software engineer, a researcher or a project manager, a content creator or a gamer, SmartWindows assists each role with its advanced functions. The tasks that we used to repeat manually on a daily basis can be done with just a single click! How does SmartWindows work? 1. Download and install SmartWindows on Windows 10. 2. Make app arrangements on your desktop screen. 3. Save the screen configuration into a SmartWindows profile. 4.Restore the profile whenever you need. 5.The browsers and apps will be auto-restored and auto-arranged with just one click. So let’s have a look at the features of SmartWindows. ► Auto-Restoration and Auto-Arrangement SmartWindows remembers the display position and window size of each app. So if you are working on multiple desktop apps at the same time, it is very inefficient to make excessive clicks to switch between the applications. Therefore, you open multiple app windows and arrange them on the desktop according to your convenience. SmartWindows remembers the screen configuration you set. It maintains your work zone and you can restore that preset anytime. Similarly, it provides you the restoration capability to reopen the closed tabs on one all major browsers. These auto-restoration and auto-arrangement features allow you to work smart and not hard. Moreover, they contribute to increased productivity at work. ►Multi-Browser & Multi-Tab Support When you are using dozens of browser tabs to do extensive research, writing, and gaming all at the same time, an accidental click on “X” closes the entire browser window. So the very first thing that you search is, “how to restore tabs?” Whether it be Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you are supposed to remember the steps to restore closed tabs for each browser. This could be a hefty task for you. Not only this, when you are working on multiple browsers at the same time, a sudden power outage, an unexpected PC restart or Windows updates would immediately shut down your PC. In this case, you are supposed to manually go to each browser and restore all tabs that could be very time-consuming and inefficient. SmartWindows eliminates this headache by remembering the browsers with their respective URLs. It saves the active tab history and reopens tabs on one or multiple browser windows on one or multiple displays with just a single click. These browser features help you save much of the crucial time that you spend every day reopening closed tabs. ►Microsoft Office File Support SmartWindows fully supports the MS Office files such as Word, Powerpoint, Project, Excel, Notepad, and Wordpad. It remembers the window size and app position on the screen. Also, SmartWindows reopens MS Office files at exactly the same position on the screen as you set the last time. ►Multiple Displays If you love the flexibility to work, there are multiple users of one PC, or if you want to separate your work life from your entertainment life, you might need multiple displays. Multiple monitors help you work efficiently and avoid the mess of apps and tasks of different projects. You can use dual displays and up to 6 displays with SmartWindows with exactly the same auto-restoration and auto-arrangement capabilities and features in each display. ►Profile Management Whether it is a project manager or a student, a researcher or a gamer, it is critically important to manage multiple profiles to work in an efficient manner. If only one Window profile is used to manage home, entertainment, school, and office-related work, it becomes cumbersome to navigate to the files and apps on the computer. SmartWindows provides support to unlimited profiles. Each profile remembers the files you work on, browsers and tabs URLs, app positioning, and window sizes across multiple displays. Multiple profiles help you manage different tasks easily. Each profile can be dedicated to different projects where that could be managed in a much critical way. ►Work Zones As a user, you can create your own work zones. You can open the apps of your interest, position them accordingly on screen, and adjust their window size. Once that preset is saved, you can restore it anytime. So whether you have entertainment zones, research zones, writing, or coding zones, you can customize them all and save the screen configurations with Smart Windows. Key Features • Multiple profiles • Save desktop apps and URLs • Support for MS Office files • App restoration • Multiple screens/resolutions support • Customized work zones • 30-day free trial Benefits of SmartWindows ➢ Save time every day. ➢ Get started on work with just one click. ➢ Increased productivity at work. ➢ No manual arrangement of apps. ➢ Optimized system performance by distributing work on multiple profiles. ➢ No need to remember browser restoration steps for each browser separately. ➢ An efficient work environment with 6 displays and unlimited profiles. Enjoy your 30-day free trial now!


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