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City building game “Snow Town” is the ultimate challenge for ambitious mayors and creative city designers. Despite your age, indulge yourself in all aspects associated with the job and life of a city manager. Organise employees for the companies in your city by taking good care of housing facilities, and make sure your citizens are happy by providing the best community services and education possible. Don’t forget to include a fire station and police station, but also the best library that money can buy. A proper balance is the essence for growth, but growing a beautiful city is just as attractive for your citizens as it is for you - as the designer of it all. A dazzling big city or even metropolis is the ultimate reward for you to show off with! Enjoy this game from age 4 to 80! Your city in the snowy world of Snow Town is despite the strong cold wind and the icy temperatures anything but a boring or unattractive place, or an ice village. Your citizens are happy to show themselves and let themselves be heard. Happy citizens go hand in hand with growth and prosperity, and all their happiness and joy is the reward for you--their mayor--for all your hard work and clever planning in this prosperous city.. But then, it doesn’t come for free. First you need to get your hands dirty and the job done! Tap and build away! In Snow Town there is a huge collection of buildings and decorations that you can build. Your own imagination is the limit of what you can achieve, and you will continue to push your boundaries during play. Use the multitude of game options to build your dream village in your own pace, and don’t forget to enhance it with an efficient road network and some slippery footpaths. It doesn’t matter what type of player you are or what your age is. Maybe you prefer to play several short sessions a day, or maybe you are the kind of mayor that likes to get your teeth into the challenge and play for hours in a row? Snow Town offers enough variety and options to play the way you like it, when you like it. Fast or slow, short or long, relaxed or fanatical, it’s all there for you to enjoy! Is your Snow Town city going to be your personal masterpiece? Nothing will be in your way once you start building in this game brought to you by the true masters of the genre. Tens of millions of players have preceded you in the mobile city building games by Sparkling Society, the absolute number 1 of the world! - Choose from over 100 different buildings, parks and decorations. - Age independent - A fun and rewarding challenge to balance citizens, work and community facilities. - Beautiful images, a city in snow was never more visually stunning. - Many hours of gameplay, free of charge. - Play it your way, your style, you decide. Flexibility is key. - Millions of people around the globe play the city building games from Sparkling Society.


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v1.1.0 - Made general stability improvements. v1.0.9 - Added confirmation window when demolishing a building. We don't want you to accidentally lose them. - Fixed the game scaling on very large screens. - Improved the look of on-screen building information and icons. - Implemented various fixes for bugs and crashes. v1.0.6 - Polished some graphics here and there. It's all in the details. - Tweaked the timing of popups, so they don't interfere with city-building too much. v1.0.5 - Made it easier to construct buildings: they will now snap to the nearest possible location (no more port buildings outside the water!). - Made some stability improvements to the tutorial. v1.0.3 Improved interaction, minor fixes and stability improvements. Stopped the snow from melting. Enjoy!

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Sparkling Society Games B.V.



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115,68 MB


Fyrir 3 ára og eldri



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English (United States)

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