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Bikini Bottom is in danger in the exciting The Goo From Goo Lagoon game! Gather all your forces and prepare for a dark and intricate adventure! Complete all the sixteen chapters, and help SpongeBob SquarePants remember who started this mess! Something or someone infested The Goo Lagoon with a dark material that coats the entire marine life in the area. Sandy and her friends need your expertise! You have to assist SpongeBob while he looks for the Primal Goo that will save Bikini Bottom! How to play the game You control the submarine that SpongeBob inhabits. To move across the seafloor, you need to click on the mouse and hold to propel his Bathysphere. Make sure to collect all the green Goo to finish your missions! Finish the task under the time limit to receive a better score! SpongeBob has a hunch as to who started all this trouble, but he does not remember. Help refresh his mind by gathering all the Memory Bubbles! After every four chapters, a new memory will be unlocked, bringing the yellow character closer to the truth! Tips and Tricks Although your sponge friend might seem invincible, pay close attention to his fuel measurer! Once he runs out of energy, the game will stop! You have to make sure he does not bump into the rocks as this consumes more of his fuel! Also, many dangers are hidden under the sea! Be careful not to get SpongeBob caught in the purple slime that is found on the rocks. Getting free consumes a lot of your character’s energy, and you can risk losing the game! Moreover, you should also pay attention to your air supply, and check it, so you don’t run out! However, make sure to catch all the red-colored Goo! They give SpongeBob the ability to pass through Goo gates, making his journey easier! To guarantee the safety of Bikini Bottom, you need to be SpongeBob’s best ally! Direct him across the seafloor, collect all the Goo, and save the day!


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Classic Games Studio



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16,73 MB


Fyrir 7 ára og eldri

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