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Customise Your Party To Your Own Play Style - Tears of Avia is a strategy RPG and turn-based tactics game that richly rewards build-craft. Carefully combine Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Brawler & Priest classes and their skills to create a party suited to your own tactical strengths.



  • FLEXIBLE SKILL - Customise and combine skills and discover the limitless ways in which they chain and react to one another - with profound consequences in battle!
  • DYNAMIC STORYLINE - The choices you make within your party shape the way the story unfolds.
  • WEAPONS-BASED SKILLS - the 100s of in-game skills can be derived both from character class and the weapons you equip to add a new layer of strategy.
  • EXPLORE A VAST & IMMERSIVE WORLD - traverse the distinctive regions of estera and its ancient kingdoms in search of the forgotten city of avalon and a love lost hundreds of years previously.
  • NOTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE - there are no right or wrong actions, but every action has consequences that can shape the way your journey unfolds...

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© 2020 Developed by CooCooSqueaky. Published by PQube Limited

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