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What The Box? is an online multiplayer shooter in which players control living boxes hiding among regular boxes while trying to destroy each other. Run around with your trusty box cutter in hand or stand still and wait for the perfect moment to strike! Features: - Online Multiplayer Shooter for up to 10 players! - Play in First-person or Third-person view - Random environment box placement for extra replayability - 6 different game modes for different playstyles - A box cutter for up-close and personal box battles! - Original soundtrack by Thiago Adamo - Bots that you can play with while waiting for other players to join - BOXES! Game modes: - Deathmatch: Classic timed deathmatch mode! You have a limited amount of time to find and kill as many player boxes as you can, by the end of the match the box with most kills wins! - One Bullet: You only have one bullet and your weapon won't reload. The only way to get more bullets is to kill other players! You can use your box-cutter, but be careful because others can see it! The player with most kills by the end wins. - Juggerbox: One of the boxes is the powerful juggerbox! Only the juggerbox can score points by killing the other boxes, but the other boxes must try to kill it to steal its power.​ By the end of the match the box with most points wins! - Kingdom of the Boxes: In this mode, there are special 'kingdom areas' that spawn at regular intervals in various places on the map. By standing alone in a kingdom area, you will be the king of the boxes, and get a point every few seconds. If someone else enters the kingdom area, it will become contested and won't give any points until only one box remains in the area. By the end of the match, the box with most points wins!​ - Team Deathmatch: Classic timed team deathmatch mode! You and your teammates have a limited amount of time to find and kill as many player boxes as possible, by the end of the match the team with most kills wins! - Capture the Tape: Your team must retrieve the opposing team's packing tape and return it to your team's base! The team that retrieves the most tape by the end of the match wins.​


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Bitten Toast Games Inc.

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Bitten Toast Games Inc.



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