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Updates: - Now includes SkyDrive integration. Record and save all your accelerometer reading to SkyDrive in Excel compatible CSV file. “Wondered if you could graphically visualize in real-time the acceleration in 3D axis?” "Wished you could measure earthquake as it happens?" “How much does your washer dryer vibrate while in operation?” “Wished you could measure the g-forces experienced in a car or a flight during takeoff and plot the same in a scaled graph?” AcceleroScope is for all the physics lovers out there who want to instantly convert their Windows® Phones into a powerful scientific instrument that can measure the acceleration and represents it statistically, graphically and visually in real-time. AcceleroScope when setup correctly can be used as a vibration analyzer which is sensitive enough to pick heart beat on chest and seismic activity such as earthquakes! - Real-time statistical representation of acceleration in 3 dimensions, along with average, maximum and total g-force experienced - Real-time plotting of graph to visually represent the acceleration in 3 dimensions. - Graph scale can be adjusted by Pinch & Zoom gesture - G-Ball function visually represents the acceleration along the 3 dimension in the Cartesian coordinate system - X, Y and Z axis scale can be intuitively adjusted using the pinch and zoom gestures right along each axis With the AcceleroScope for Windows® Phone you will always have the power to visualize and measure the g-forces around you. AcceleroScope can be used to measure vibration on vehicles, machines, buildings, process control systems and safety installations. They can also be used to measure seismic activity, inclination and machine vibration. AcceleroScope can be used as a benchmark tool to compare two or more machinery by comparing the vibration reading obtained by placing the phone on them while the machine is operating and even predict failure.


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