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Calculator + is the only app in the Windows Store, which can replace your regular calculator completely. It has an user interface to be used like your normal calculator but giving you a lot of helpful features. Additionally Calculator + follows the order of operation rule. After you have calculated your result you can convert it in another unit or currency, you can convert it to another base, you can round it to a specific amount of digits etc. Calculator + supports lengths, areas, volumes, temperatures, weights, velocities and angles. There are eight currencys with daily exchange rates. The result can be always used for another mode. Furthermore almost all buttons are supported in the different modes. So Calculator + is the best tool for physical calculating but can be also used for every other prupose. Calculator +… ...follows the order of operation rule ...converts lengths, areas, volumes, temperatures, weights, velocities and angles ...shows 14 digits ...calculates with binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal values ...supports the most important trigonometrical functions(sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent) ...can buffer until six values ...calculates the logarithm and root to an arbitrary base ...and this alltogether in the same moment


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