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Impress your customers: Easy. Intelligent. Forward-thinking. CAS genesisWorld SmartDesign helps you to connect people emotionally. Get inspired to improve your daily relationship management and discover new possibilities and opportunities to excite your customers. Enter a new world of interconnected relationships. By using the CAS genesisWorld SmartDesign Mobile App, you can easily access your contacts, appointments, documents, and more on the go - even the dossier. Get instant, real-time access to your data. Thereby, we can ensure that you always work with up-to-date data from your CRM system and seamlessly exchange data between the internal office and the field staff. Naturally, all access rights are considered when you access your data while on the go. • Offline on the go – Customer excitement to go Take your CRM with you anywhere and use the CAS genesisWorld SmartDesign Mobile App as your personal companion. Work offline while on the go with all your mobile devices and carry important information with you everywhere you go. All relevant data is synchronized automatically as soon as you have access to a mobile network. Thereby, you are always well connected even while offline. • Picasso search: Always one step ahead The Picasso search helps you to prepare and structure upcoming events. Based on algorithms of the artificial intelligence, relevant information is individually provided. The algorithms prematurely recognize the needs of your customers and thereby create exciting customer experiences. With the Picasso search, you can see all appointments of the current day under "My day" - instantly and directly after logging on. You access contacts, documents, or the detailed appointment agenda by one touch from within the appointment. • Expenses & time records - Comfortable mobile billing You can quickly and efficiently record and edit expenses and time records while on the go. You create receipts for expenses or travel expenses in no time - the corresponding receipt document is uploaded directly from your mobile device. Alternatively, you can create a new photo and use it as a receipt document. • Opportunities: partnerships at eye level Using the new product catalog, you can start an eye-level dialog with your customers. Accompanied by images, your products are displayed as a visually appealing portfolio. You and your customers can select products and services together and thereby achieve a new transparent and clearly-structured consultancy experience. Information such as prices, quantities, and discounts of all available products are displayed in the product catalog. The desired products are adopted as product items in the opportunity. Possible scaled prices are taken into account. • Team calendar: comfortably planning appointments for teams One look into the team calendar and each team member knows what's up. The team calendar displays appointments, phone calls, jobs, and holidays of users, groups, and resources. It includes all information and details which support you in centrally planning and structuring your projects. The appointments of your employees are planned while taking their individual capacities and abilities into account. Your service technicians and sales representatives can see which appointments are on their respective agenda. Having to clarify appointments to avoid misunderstandings is now a thing of the past - your projects stay on schedule. • Reports: competent decisions on all levels Reports display all important information for the management, sales, or service departments at a glance. With this quick overview, you can achieve instant decision-making authority. You can customize analyses in the Desktop Client and use them in the mobile app. You can easily access your reports on the go. Thereby, you always have a solid information base for all upcoming decisions at your disposal. • Requirements: CAS genesisWorld Server x8.1.1 or higher


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