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Freshly Frosted brings you into a pastel donut factory in the clouds! You must properly place conveyor belts so that your tasty donuts have all the toppings they need. Whoever placed these topping machines didn’t quite think it through, so it’s up to you to cleverly place the conveyors to get this factory up and running! Satisfaction is the idea in Freshly Frosted with tasty donuts, a rhythmically running factory, and dozens of puzzles that hit the spot! The game will leave you feeling satisfied with your cleverness, and with an urge to go to the nearest donut shop. Freshly Frosted features a dozen world with a dozen levels each, for 144 levels total. Each world has its own unique seasonal palette, from spring cherry blossoms to summer rain. Additionally, each world has a special combination of mechanics, including merging and splitting paths, logic gates, teleporters, and more!



  • More toppings than most people think belong on a donut!
  • A dozen dozen levels, that’s 144!
  • 12 worlds each with a unique seasonal pastel aesthetic!
  • Many clever mechanics such as merging and splitting paths, logic gates, transporters, and more!

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The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild


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The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

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