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Gekko Accounting is THE online accounting tool for freelancers and other small entrepreneurs. Use the Gekko Accounting app to manage all aspects of your company records for free. Whether it is cost management, invoicing, hour registration, travel tracking or taxes, Gekko has you covered. Always a clear and complete overview of your business. The main features of the app are: ● Revenue management and invoicing ● Customer management and quotation acceptance ● Expense management and receipt digitalisation ● Hour tracking and project management ● Business travel and expense management ● Bank transaction tracking and integration ● Reporting on VAT and taxes Gekko Accounting is a full accounting system especially made for small businesses that want to use simple and understable tools. Gekko Accounting connects with all other mobile apps that Gekko offers such as the Gekko Hours app, the Gekko Costs app etc. When you use these separate mobile tools, the information from those apps will automatically synchronize with your Gekko Accounting app. You will always have the latest insight into what is happening to your company. Gekko offers the following specific mobile tools that are connected to the Gekko Accounting app: ● Gekko Invoicing for sending professional invoices and payment requests ● Gekko Costs for scanning and reading expense receipts you receive ● Gekko Hours for keeping track of time spent on projects and customers ● Gekko Trips for keeping track of business travel You can use Gekko Accounting and all these other mobile apps for free with a Basic account. You can also opt to upgrade to a paid Premium account and get access to all Premium features. While a free Basic account offers a well balanced accounting system, Gekko Premium will give you full access to all Gekko functions and options available at Gekko. All data you add in Gekko Accounting or anywhere else on Gekko will be stored via a secure connection to European servers. All data will be treated confidentially, will never be shared with any other party without your explicit consent and will remain exclusively your property. Gekko stands for safety and privacy. Questions, feedback, problems? We’re here for you: send a message to


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