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'Hungry Birds' is a colorful, fast paced, no nonsense sling shot style game with many levels created from a pool of over 25 unique hand-crafted sceneries, taking you to various locations including lush forests, deserts, space, snow, mountain ranges, chemical plants & oil rig based themes, just to name a few. Your objective is to launch your Bird to take-out enemy monsters within environments full of destructible objects including crates, planks, TNT boxes, ice and glass, while also encountering various puzzles and objects to explore as you pass.. All of which may work for or against you 'Hungry Birds' also includes random weather effects, plenty of 2D physics action with great sound FX and a fantastic music score.


Novità in questa versione

v1.2.21 released 10th June 2021 General fixes & changes -: - Addressed an issue whereby attempting to use multiple controllers simultaneously may have caused a disruption to, and/or unpredictable Bird flight paths. - Fixed an issue whereby the rubber band sound would play when selecting Level Restart or Return to Menu (In Game) buttons when selecting with a mouse or touchscreen. - Added an additional playable level - Fixed issue whereby using Gamepad controller to skip PJ Software Studios intro video would also skip over gameplay demo video, this was not intended and has been addressed. XBOX / Game Controller Exclusive fixes & changes - Increased the speed you're able to pull back & position your bird while using XBOX Controller - Fixed an issue using XBOX controller whereby the bird could be pulled back much further than the intended maximum rubber band distance. This bug did not effect 'force' but may have made it difficult to determine draw power. Please use Left Analog stick & Button (A) to navigate/select menu items To control bird, while holding (A) Button, use Left Analog stick to position bird, then release (A) to launch While in game -: (A) Button, Select, Drag & Release (B) Button, Returns to Level Selection Menu (Y) Button, Restarts current level (X) Button, Returns to Main Menu


  • 2D Physics System
  • Cartoon Style Graphics
  • Cute Enemies
  • Wind, Rain & Weather Effects
  • Level Progression is Saved (Locally)
  • Sling Shot
  • Destructible Objects
  • Global Leader Board
  • Casual

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PJ Software Studios


(c) PJ Software Studios 2021

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PJ Software Studios

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