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[Version 30-Dec-19] Get the whole of Wikipedia, Wiktionary or Wikivoyage on your device completely offline! You can have amazing reference tools at your fingertips wherever you are. Just download your chosen archive and store it on your device (you can do this from within the app). Great for travelling, or any place where access to the Internet is difficult or expensive! This lightweight, open-source and completely free app from Kiwix ( is still in development (Beta), so be kind and report bugs you experience to the developer (see info below). The app reads a larger offline file that you can download to your device's storage (e.g. microSD card or other drive). Offline files are available for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikivoyage, Wikimedicine, Wikimaths, TED Talks, Project Gutenberg, etc., in all the available Wikipedia languages. If you just want Wikivoyage (Offline Travel Guide) or WikiMed (Medical Wikipedia) in English, we have two sister apps in this Store that come completely pre-packaged (no extra download required): search for "Wikivoyage by Kiwix" or for "WikiMed" for further details. Offline files are called ZIM Archives. You can download one in the app, or from in your browser. You *must* download an archive for this app to work properly: it only comes bundled with a small test archive (about a jazz musician) so you can get a feel for how the app works. If you want the full English-language Wikipedia with images, you will need a *large* microSD card in your device, or plenty of disk space on a PC. The file is currently 80 gigabytes and you might want to download it using BitTorrent (torrent link provided in the app). However, if you have limited storage you can still download specific parts of Wikipedia, such as medical pages, maths or computing pages, or a no-pictures version which is 19 gigabytes. English Wikivoyage is only 750MB (or try our separate app), and English WikiMed is 1.3GB (also available as a separate app). The app is in active development, so please report bugs to the developer on GitHub: You can also contact us using the support contact on this page. We welcome constructive feedback, so please report an issue before leaving negative feedback if you'd like to support the development of this completely free app. The app is written completely in JavaScript and is a port for the Universal Windows Platform of Kiwix JS originally developed for Firefox OS.


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