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kwiQR is a free QR code scanning tool for devices with access to a camera. Point your device’s camera at a QR code and kwiQR will recognise it and store the details so that you can use that QR code again in the future. For certain QR codes such as those containing web site addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or full contact cards kwiQR can launch the application associated with that type of data. For example – if you scan a website address, kwiQR will launch your web browser and if you scan an email address then kwiQR will launch your email software. kwiQR can also scan full contact cards and launch your contact application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook ™). kwiQR plugs in to Windows such that you can use the Share Charm in order to share data both to and from other applications. You can share photographs of QR codes to kwiQR for recognition and you can also share data from kwiQR – just select the items and use ‘Share’. You can also snap kwiQR to the side of your screen, use the camera to capture a QR code and then have your browser in the rest of your screen and, with the ‘automatically launch’ setting turned on, instantly launch a website in the browser from a captured QR code. kwiQR roams the data that it stores for your QR codes so if you have multiple devices, the same data will show up on all the devices where you use kwiQR. Note that kwiQR is highly dependent on the camera in your device and there are lots of different types of cameras with different capabilities with some built into the devices and some being external. If you struggle to get a QR code recognized, it's probably related to the camera and you may (if the camera supports it) want to try using the auto/manual focus option to try and improve scanning results.


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