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See the location of the International Space station, James Webb Space Telescope, and all other earth orbiting satellites. Did you know the brightest man-made object orbiting the earth is the International Space Station? And, did you know it is very easily seen on a clear night? With the Satellite Tracking application, you can determine when the space station or other satellites are visible from your location for viewing or communicating. There are over 3000+ satellites currently orbiting Earth. Some of these include amateur radio, Hubble space telescope, GPS, navigation, communication, earth and science, scientific, plus many more! The Satellite Tracking application features include: Dark mode maps. Notifications. Road globe projection. Maidenhead grid square and distance between two stations and great-circle. Es'hail 2 has launched and tracking #qo100. Show all geostationary satellites at same time on equator - click to track Show antenna direction line to satellite - deep zoom 2D or 3D map (road, aerial, terrain) Zoom in and out on maps User and satellite position icons Satellite footprint Satellite future location GPS location service or manually entered position # of satellites loaded from the internet Satellite designator and sub-satellite position Azimuth and elevation from your position Height above earth Range from your location Countdown timer for next rise at your location GMT date display Satellite category and selection Settings for map style Setting for map centering on user, satellite, or free roaming map Location override to manually enter your position Equator, date-line, and prime-meridian lines on map Share your map and position data to popular social media and other applications registered on your system such as Twitter, mail, etc. Help documentation and tool-tips to aid in your usage Toggle switch to allow position information to be displayed on map or not for pure-view map examination Orbit information such as catalog number, latitude, longitude, elevation, azimuth, range, height, orbit #, phase, next rise, period, and footprint radius For given category, show all satellites currently in view or all Future passes showing date and time, azimuth, and elevation Radio communication frequency bands, links, and modes to use for Amateur Radio satellites Keplerian information such as catalog number, epoch orbit, epoch year, epoch day, raan right ascension of node, eccentricity, mean anomaly, mean motion, and decay rate Application details shown in about, perform an application review, ask for support if need, send feedback, or view other applications written by the authors DXCC countries can be shown on the map DXCC calculator to show what countries can be communicated to via the satellite Perhaps you want to spot the station, get current position of ISS, or ask yourself where is the international space station? The following categories of satellites can be selected: Amateur Brightest Communication Earth-weather Geo-sync Miscellaneous Navigation New Old Scientific Stations Starlink SpaceX These are just some of popular satellites to track: Amateur Es'hail 2 OSCAR 7 (AO-7) UOSAT 2 (UO-11) LUSAT (LO-19) EYESAT-1 (AO-27) ITAMSAT (IO-26) RADIO ROSTO (RS-15) JAS-2 (FO-29) TECHSAT 1B (GO-32) ISS (ZARYA) FUNCUBE-1 (AO-73) UWE-3 SPROUT DUCHIFAT-1 CHUBUSAT-1 NUDT-PHONESAT XW-2A XW-2B XW-2C XW-2D XW-2E XW-2F LILACSAT2 DCBB AO-85 FOX-1A Brightest ATLAST CENTAUR 2 THOR AGENA SL-3 SL-8 R/B CUSAT 2 & FALCON 9 R/B Communication MOLNIYA O3B Earth-Weather NOAA GOES TDRS SCD HST Hubble Space Telescope METEOSAT Geosynchronous DIRECTV SKYNET INTELSAT NATO OPTUS ASTRA AMSC ECHOSTAR MSAT PALAPA Eshailsat INMARSAT EUTELSAT GALAXY SUPERBIRD BRASILSAT CHINASAT THOR SIRIUS AFRISAT ASIASAT TELKOM HISPASAT ASIASTAR TURKSAT SAUDISAT SPACEWAY BADR FENGYUN ZHONGXING Misc. CALSPHERE LCS OPS FLOCK CENTENNIAL New EXPRESS GAOFEN 2015-49A Old ATLAS CENTAUR 2 THOR SL-3 R/B Scientific STARLETTE HST MMS Stations ISS International Space Station ZARYA Enjoy the galaxy and look for those shooting-stars as all kids do! Privacy Policy: Location data is stored within the application and is only used for satellite position calculations. You can turn off usage of your position in settings. Functional Policy: Accuracy of positions calculations are not guaranteed.


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