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The Plex Solution is an exciting science fiction eBook novel for your tablet. It first appeared as a paperback novel in 2013. "Two friends Zena and Electra are fairly ordinary girls living in the good life in the Lunar City with all their needs taken care of by the all powerful Plex. All that changes, however, when a stranger comes to visit in the shape of a young man called Guy. As events unfold the girls are thrust into the middle of an interplanetary conspiracy where everything that was once certain is now in doubt. When her friend goes missing, Electra travels to Earth to find a society very different from her own though finds herself strangely drawn to it. But that's just the start of the adventure and before long she is encountering among other things, alligators, vampire bats and invisibility body paint! And who is the mysterious young girl of whom the prophecies speak who, it is foretold, will usher in the New Age?" This sci-fi story was first released in 2013 and has been warmly received. It is set in the 23rd century on various locations: the lunar base on the moon, Antarctica, Iceland and beneath the Atlantic Ocean. The Author ------------ P. A. Bird is a science fiction writer from Brighton working in the Cyberpunk genre dealing with technological and satirical themes. Drawing inspiration from many sources including personal experiences in the alternative, punk and cyber scenes. A child of the cyber revolution and a habitual experimenter in the crossover between the social and the technical.


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