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Set multiple timers at once! Time by the second, minute or hour. Runs in the background so you’re free to use other apps. Create, label and reuse timers for anything – yoga stretches, timed quizzes, cooking rice, napping, therapeutic treatments or remembering to take your pills. Perfect for busy people, multi-taskers and forgetful folks. Loved by parents, chefs, teachers and students… ========== SUPPORT NOTE 1: Add Timer+ to the list of allowed lock screen apps to ensure that you will get timer notifications on your lock screen. SUPPORT NOTE 2: Timer+ cannot alert you when your computer is asleep because of Windows API restrictions. ========== Timer+ has a sleek, streamlined design that stays out of your way and simplifies daily timed tasks. Download Timer+ to get ahead of your many activities today: * Run multiple timers simultaneously * Extremely easy to use * Beautiful, clean interface * Runs in the background * Times by the second * Just 0.22 MBs – won’t take up a lot of space on your device Use our preset timers, or create your own for any number of timed events. Here’s how people are using Timer+ every single day: * Teachers use it for quizzes, breaks, recess, group work and nap time. * Students use it for practice LSAT exams, science experiments and laundry. (Never find your clothes in a wet pile on the washing machine again.) * Parents use it for everything! Cooking, baking, boiling eggs, steeping tea, pressing coffee. Chore time, playtime, reading time, bath time, time outs. Piano practice, laundry, working out, picking up the kids, meditating and watering the plants. * Bakers save dough rise times separately – for perfectly leavened loaves. * Chefs use it for marinating, basting, broiling, straining – all on time, all at the same time. Great for luncheons, cookoffs and other portable carts! * Athletes time their planks and sets. Beat their best times. And apply ice or heat to pains without overdoing it. * Seniors use Timer+ to remember to take their pills. Mark halfway points during exercise walks. And time the grandkids so they take turns fairly. * Freelancers are now spending only as much time as they quoted on projects! * Developers use Timer+ to remember to look away from the screen every 30 minutes and stretch every hour. * Hairstylists use it to time perms and hair coloring. Aestheticians use it for mani-pedis.


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