Evolve Your Career in Cloud Technologies

The Microsoft IT Pro Career Center is a free online resource to help map your cloud career path. Learn what industry experts suggest for your cloud role and the skills to get you there. Follow a learning curriculum at your own pace to build the skills you need most to stay relevant.

Cloud Driving Next Generation IT Skills

Cloud computing requires a change in IT skills. Because talent cannot be easily hired, enterprises and IT professionals will need to consider the impact of IT trends and focus on developing skills which will be critically important in the near future. Learn more from IDC in the Market Spotlight paper and video.


Explore Cloud Role Salaries

Select a cloud role below and explore real-time labor market data provided by Acclaim to learn what cloud roles are in demand, their salary ranges, and where to find jobs in your area.

Discover Your Personality Traits

Do you want to know which traits you most likely excel at? By completing the short Clearfit Profile Builder survey, you’ll receive insights on your unique strengths. These valuable insights will help you start off on the right career path.

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Gartner Top 10 Emerging Trends and Their Impacts on Your IT Operation

Hear from Gartner which emerging consumer, business and technology trends will have the biggest impact on how IT delivers services to the business over the next five years.

The New IT: Are you ready?

Watch the video with featured analyst firm, Gartner, to learn about trends in new cloud roles and the skills you need to succeed.


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Evolve your career in cloud technologies. Learn the skills you need at your own pace. Follow a flexible curriculum suggested by experts to keep you relevant and marketable.

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