Microsoft IT Pro Career Center

About FAQ

  • What is the IT Pro Career Center?

    The Microsoft IT Pro Career Center is an online resource to help IT Professionals advance your career in cloud technology. You can map your cloud career path and follow a learning curriculum at your own pace, to stay relevant. We have been working with industry experts such as Gartner to define the cloud career paths and bring you career related content. As technology is always changing, we’ll be sure to evolve the program content and career paths to reflect these changes.

  • Do I need to pay to use the IT Pro Career Center?

    Not at all. You can join for free. We are working with partners to bring you career resources and learning curriculum that you can access at no charge. On rare occasions we may point you to a resource that will require some out-of-pocket expenses, but these are always optional and we’ll keep them to a minimum.

  • How does the IT Pro Career Center work?

    We’ve tried to make it simple. After you join, tell us what your current IT role is and we will suggest 1 or 2 cloud career paths for you. You select the cloud role that best meets your career goals. We will show you the skills required for your chosen cloud role and the courses to learn those skills. You can complete the course at your own pace and if you have the course knowledge, you can check the course as “complete” and move on topics that are new to you. Once done, we will give you options to further your learning in workshops, with peers. You may also wish to explore certifications. You choose what is best for you.

  • Can I select my desired cloud career path?

    Of course! We will give you our industry expert career path suggestions as well as the opportunity for you to select from the list of cloud roles. Regardless of which cloud role you choose, we will indicate which skills are the new skills for you to learn, based on what you told us was your current IT role. That way you know where to focus your learning.

  • How did Microsoft determine the right career path and courses for me?

    We worked with industry experts such as Gartner to build the career path options, the skills required in the cloud and finding the right course curriculum. As technology changes, we’ll be sure to update the cloud roles, skills and courses.

  • Who should take this program?

    If you are in a traditional IT role and want to advance your career to a cloud role, this program is for you!