Nirag Tibdewal, Loviee Makkar, Stephen Smith, Software engineers in CSEO and Ullas Kumble, lead software engineer in CSEO, smile for a photo outside.

Jul 25, 2019

Azure Monitor alerts help Microsoft pay billions of dollars of bills on time

With billions of dollars in payments processed annually, punctuality is imperative. Microsoft pays suppliers and partners for a variety of services and products via thousands of transactions each month; accurate and on-time payment is crucial to its relationships and success. The sheer volume makes mistakes inevitable, but the Finance Engineering Team within Core Services Engineering...

The royalties and corporate functions engineering teams of 28 people stand outside on a sunny day.

Jun 25, 2019

Key SOX control at Microsoft is transformed through AI

Royalty statements quality review can be a royal pain. Like many companies, Microsoft pays royalties for games, videos, content, software, and other creative work it uses in its products and services. The company pays a lot in royalties—nearly $5 billion a year. “The quality review and approval of payments has been a time-consuming manual process...

Enda Sullivan and Blake Barrow sit on a couch in a Microsoft common area talking to each other.

May 2, 2019

Microsoft internal SAP workload gets a telemetry boost with Azure

For the first time, Microsoft has end-to-end visibility into the millions of business processes that it runs through SAP every day. Microsoft is using a new suite of Microsoft Azure telemetry tools to gain insight into how to better manage expense reports, time away reporting, purchase order creation, and similar business processes that get routed...

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Mar 18, 2019

Helping the helpers: How Microsoft is reinventing its Helpdesk

The questions from customers who want to know how Microsoft runs its Helpdesk have changed for Abu Kabir. They used to be: How do you support new releases? What is your process for escalations? How do you manage your SLA’s? Now they’re asking one main question: How are you digitally transforming your helpdesk at Microsoft?...

Mar 6, 2019

Changing of the guard: How Microsoft moved its monitoring to Azure Monitor

It was time to modernize monitoring as part of Microsoft’s transition to a DevOps engineering model, and it was Dana Baxter who got the nod to lead the effort. “At Microsoft, we want to move to native Azure services,” says Baxter, a senior service engineer in Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO). Baxter’s team...

Jan 24, 2019

Solving the IP address predicament with IPv6

Veronika McKillop and network engineers like her need to solve a big problem with an even bigger solution. You see, the internet is running out of addresses, and it’s happening much faster than most people realize. The fix for this problem is well known—Microsoft and other companies in the networking sector need to move from...

Nov 14, 2018

How Biztalk meets Azure Logic Apps in the world of integration

Divya Swarnkar is a senior program manager in the integration platforms team inside Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO). Part of her responsibility is ensuring that business transactions between Microsoft and its partners via Integration platforms are secure, transparent and friction-less. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages and integration services form the core of how businesses...

Oct 10, 2018

DevOps is sending engineering practices up in smoke

When it comes to modernizing how software engineers write their code, sometimes you just have to light things on fire. Just ask James Gagnon. He’ll tell you that good engineering teams at Microsoft and in Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) are driving towards using DevOps to do their work, and with good reason. “DevOps...