Azure and SAP: driving digital transformation at Microsoft

Aug 20, 2018   |  

Mike Taylor wants to know how well you know your SAP landscape. With technology moving as rapidly as it does, Taylor explains, knowing it well can mean the difference between a successful digital transformation and one filled with obstacles.

“Setting up your business infrastructure is vitally important to the success of any company and will pose a very large challenge if you’re not thinking about the future,” says Taylor, the General Manager of the internal SAP infrastructure at Microsoft.

Taylor spoke at the SAP Sapphire Conference in June 2018, sharing lessons Microsoft learned migrating its SAP workload to Azure and creating the greenfield for moving its Finance function to S4/HANA. The Microsoft SAP landscape is a single instance where internal applications and third party SaaS applications connect to run business functions such as: HR, Finance, Supply Chain, and Commerce to Cash/commerce. SAP’s core processes and the surrounding capabilities of Azure run Microsoft’s SAP ECC instance, one of the largest in the world of over 45TBs.

Check out the video below to get Taylor’s take on how moving the Microsoft SAP landscape to Azure is making a difference for the company and some of the lessons learned along the way.

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