Securing the Enterprise Episode Six

What cultural and digital transformation means to enterprise information security

Dec 12, 2017   |  

Many organizations are currently undergoing a digital or cultural transformation today and in some cases – as it is for Microsoft – both.

While these profound, accelerated changes are enabling enterprises to be more creative, innovative and remain competitive, combining new business models with the integration of new technologies and direction can almost certainly bring some resistance from the workforce and customer base alike.

In the last episode of this six-part Securing our Enterprise series, our Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault, notes that while there is a lot of change in any type of transformation, if security is done right, it can enable all of the other aspects of the transformational journey and help ease some of the “FFUUEE” feelings customers and employees may be experiencing.

What exactly does this acronym stand for?

Click to watch the video and find out.