Data–it’s not just for geeks anymore…

Jan 30, 2017   |  

Data, data and more data! When did data become mainstream? Think about the thermostat in your home, the sprinkler system in your garden, your child’s grades at school, and how your Xbox was manufactured. As more items in our lives are digital and the demand for products and services move at a rapid pace, data and what it can do for you is becoming the new hip kid on the block.

It’s probably not a surprise that here at Microsoft we use Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence Suite to make financial forecasts faster. Predictive analytics tools allow us to analyze larger data sets and

The automated predictive analytics solution and its technologies
The automated predictive analytics solution and its technologies

perform more sophisticated calculations. These tools do the heavy number crunching which then frees up our finance team to do more interesting work.

Our sellers, sales managers, and sales executives also use Azure Machine Learning and open-source technologies to improve the accuracy of forecasted sales revenue. Check out how predictive analytics gives our sales team better information about their pipeline management and forecasting, making them more efficient and effective, and giving them more time to spend with our customers.

Think data is just for finance and sales? Well, at Microsoft, our hardware manufacturing for Microsoft Surface, HoloLens, and Xbox is a multibillion-dollar business. But we were bogged down with managing manufacturing data that was taking time away from innovative decision-making. Microsoft IT and the Microsoft supply chain used data analytics to transform operations at one factory, which increased productivity and identified system errors faster. Our next step is to collect data from more manufacturing locations and suppliers, use predictive analytics, and gather process data from our factories. All that data gets a Surface or Xbox into your hands at a rapid pace.

So, look around and consider – where could data and predictive analytics impact your world?

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