From ‘gut punch’ to grand slam: Employees embrace personalized productivity data to maximize work performance

Mar 13, 2017   |  

Microsoft employee Jace Moreno has used MyAnalytics to change the way he spends his time and structures his work day.

Welcome to the personal data revolution. We have technology to track our footsteps, sleep, calorie intake—even moods. Next up: personalized data from the office.

Jace Moreno – a high school quarterback, college baseball player, and MBA graduate – knows a thing or two about hard work and results. But when he signed up for Microsoft MyAnalytics a year ago, he was shocked by his personal data.

Microsoft MyAnalytics provides employees with weekly summaries of data and insight about productivity, including how they spend their time, who they spend it with, and details about time spent in meetings, email, focus hours, top collaborators, response times, and email read rates. When Moreno visited his MyAnalytics dashboard for the first time, he learned he was spending 23.4 hours a week reading and writing emails in outlook, but only 46 percent of those emails were being opened and read.

“It was a gut punch,” he said. “That was the day that changed the way I work.”

To learn more about how Microsoft employees like Moreno are using MyAnalytics to examine their productivity and effectiveness and optimize the way they work, read “Major League Productivity,”  an in-depth feature from IT Showcase published today.

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