Securing our Enterprise Episode Two

The importance of device health

Nov 14, 2017   |  

As we navigate our own digital transformation at Microsoft, our Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault, and his team continue their relentless approach to securing our enterprise.

It’s not just about helping to keep both customer and Microsoft data secure, it’s about ensuring that the connected devices producing data are also protected. This is no easy task for any global enterprise. However, Arsenault and his team do an exceptional job by focusing on what he calls a three-legged “security stool”—and device health is one of the stool legs.

In our second episode of the six-part Securing our Enterprise series, Arsenault spends a few minutes explaining device health.

“Ensuring our employee devices are healthy consists of keeping endpoints current,” said Arsenault, “and allowing access to corporate resources only.”

Watch and learn more.