Expedition Cloud Episode One

The legendary meeting that accelerated our cloud journey

Oct 3, 2017   |  

Over the course of a career, there may be one or two legendary meetings – the kind that change everything. One of Brad Wright’s came a few years ago when, at the end of a presentation, he showed a group of IT leaders at Microsoft a picture of an empty server room. IT was no longer in the datacenter business, he said. He faced reactions ranging from incredulity to anger, but he certainly got everyone’s attention.

“My point was that we needed to prove that the largest enterprises on the planet can run in the Microsoft cloud, starting with our own,” Wright said.

Four years later, Microsoft is nearly entirely run from Microsoft Azure. The company’s IT pros became some of the first to explore, settle, and shape what was at the time a wild, new frontier: The Cloud.

In Expedition Cloud, a new 10-episode video series on IT Showcase, Brad Wright and other cloud pioneers share first-hand stories and deep technical knowledge as well as proven practices and advice for transitioning to the cloud. The series aims to help customers through many of the same challenges and decisions Microsoft faced in navigating its own digital transformation.

Watch Episode One below, an introduction to the journey with Brad Wright. Check back next week to see Senior Service Engineer, Mel Lowe, talk cloud strategy.

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