Expedition Cloud Episode Two

Moving day: How to get your apps into the cloud

Oct 10, 2017   |  

Once upon a time, when Microsoft started transitioning to the cloud, the company was running on a broad and complex catalog of apps—1,800 or so.

So where to even begin deciding what to move to the cloud, and in what order, and how to get it there?

The Microsoft team tasked with moving the company to the cloud faced the same dilemma. Mel Lowe, a senior service engineer for Core Services Engineering (CSE, formerly called Microsoft IT) said it was like moving from a broad estate to a deluxe condominium downtown.

“It’s as if you had 20 to 30 years of things that you’ve accumulated in your house and you decide you’re going to downsize and move into this cool condo,” Lowe said.

This isn’t just moving a television and a couch. Imagine living large for decades, then trying to cram all your things—your favorite chair, a Chia Pet, old cell phones, a broken juicer, fad fitness equipment, board games you never play—into a new, more modular space. You don’t need all that stuff in the new place; it’s just going to get in your way. You need to clean up, and you need a strategy for the move, Lowe said.

Now that Microsoft is more than 90 percent in the cloud, Lowe and her colleagues have some answers. In Expedition Cloud, a new 10-part video series on IT Showcase, Lowe and other cloud pioneers share first-hand stories and deep technical knowledge as well as proven practices and advice for transitioning to the cloud. The series aims to help customers through many of the same challenges and decisions Microsoft faced in navigating its own digital transformation.

Watch to see Lowe provide some method to the cloud madness, including how to take inventory of your data, how to calculate risk and navigate complexity, how to classify and protect your information, and how to integrate business and IT goals.

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