Pushing ahead with Office 365 Enterprise E5

Feb 2, 2017   |  

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of the new Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite, look at the way Microsoft employees are using it.

“We don’t just make Office 365, we use it every day to empower our own digital transformation,” says Dave O’Hara, CFO of the Microsoft Applications and Services Engineering Group. “Here at Microsoft, Office 365 helps us connect our culture and inspires our journey towards the mission CEO Satya Nadella has laid out–empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”


O’Hara’s global finance team is at the forefront of this transformation, driving insights with Microsoft Power BI and MyAnalytics, adopting Skype for Business unified communications, using Office 365 Enterprise E5 advanced security and threat protections, and managing data discovery and compliance.

“We’re redefining how and where we work, and how we stay secure,” O’Hara says. “We manage staggering amounts of data and embrace self-service tools. We’re more mobile and productive than ever.”

See how O’Hara’s team is transforming its digital workplace with the new Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite.

One key way Microsoft is transforming is by refining the way it uses data, and the new E5 suite is no exception. When you combine E5 with metrics tools like Power BI and MyAnalytics, you can tap into the intelligence you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.

“At Microsoft, we want to use data to influence every decision,” says Kym Lukosky, a program manager in Microsoft IT. “Our IT executives use business intelligence to help inform their decision making and to build effective communication.”

Lukosky says the executive insight dashboards that come with E5 help employees intuitively visualize their data, allowing them to do more intensive analysis and to make more informed decisions. For example, the MyAnalytics tool lets you quickly analyze your consumption. “MyAnalytics data helps improve your personal productivity by empowering you with relevant data, such as the amount of time spent on email and in meetings,” she says.

See how executives across the company are using Microsoft Power BI and MyAnalytics to fine-tune their effectiveness.

With the E5 update, Microsoft continues to improve Skype for Business, and because Microsoft employees are heavy users of the service, the savings for the company are piling up. By avoiding paying fees to telecommunications carriers and conferencing services, Microsoft saves $124,000 per day, Lukosky says.

And it’s easy to use.

“Our employees connect with each other anywhere, any time, on any device,” she says. “No longer tethered to desktops, we use Skype for Business as a unified communications solution that supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile, and remote scenarios.”

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Microsoft employees are also using E5 to transform the way they perform eDiscovery, which is when information is gathered quickly and efficiently for legal discovery or compliance requests.

“We’re using our eDiscovery search tools and Advanced eDiscovery analytics to filter content, and cut review time and costs,” Lukosky says. “Our legal department is using these tools to save about $4.5 million per year.”

See how Microsoft is using a new cloud-based eDiscovery tool to find legal information.

Microsoft is also using new E5 features to complement its security platform services and enhance visibility into its software as a service infrastructure. “These capabilities go beyond malware to get ahead of zero-day threats and events with policy-based granular controls,” Lukosky says.

Learn more about how Microsoft Office 365 reduces threats and enhances visibility and compliance.

The new Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite gives Microsoft employees a lot of new tools and capabilities, O’Hara says.

“Microsoft believes that digital transformation is not just about technology,” he says. “It’s about people, and people are the heart of Office 365.”

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