The New Age of Intelligence

Steven Guggenheimer

Corporate Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Alex Kipman

Technical Fellow of new device categories in the Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft Corporation

Joseph Sirosh

Corporate Vice President of the Data Group, Microsoft Corporation

Takuya Hirano

President, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Katsura Ito

General Manager, Developer Experience & Evangelism Lead, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Akira Sakakibara

Chief Technology Officer Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.


Microsoft は「地球上のすべての個人とすべての組織がより多くのことを達成できるようにする」という企業使命を掲げ、その中心に Artificial Intelligence (AI) があります。

午前中に行われる基調講演では Microsoft 本社のリーダーたちを迎え、AI がどのように組織の働き方や運営に変化をもたらし、Microsoft がどのように人と機械を繋ぎ、人々のもつ可能性を無限に広げられるか、についてご紹介します。

インテリジェント エージェントの出現により、AI が人々のテクノロジーとの関わり方を根本的に変えています。そしてクラウド上のデータプラットフォームを用い、あらゆるデバイスのアプリケーションをよりスマートなものへと進化させます。AI はホログラフィック・コンピューティングを使い世界の見え方を変革します。すべての実現には、私たち自身が持つ情熱や想像力、そして AI テクノロジーをどの様に活用していくかが鍵となります。皆さまはどのように組織に変革をもたらしますか? そして社会的問題を解決しますか? Microsoft は皆さまと夢を描き、一緒に未来を実現します。

Code your future.

Every day, the world around us is getting more intelligent, fueled by a massive growth in available data and the limitless computer power to reason across that data. The challenge is how to harness that intelligence to make your organization smarter, faster and stronger. At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Artificial intelligence is at the intersection of everything we do.

In the morning keynotes, we feature senior Microsoft leaders who will discuss how Artificial Intelligence is profoundly changing the way organizations operate in the digital world. They will talk about how Microsoft is bringing together people and machines to expand the human capability in ways that are both tangible, and magical. You will see how we are harnessing artificial intelligence to fundamentally change the way we interact with technology, with the advent of intelligent agents. You will see how we infuse every application, on any device, with intelligence, driven by the powerful data platforms available in the cloud. And you will see how artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the way we see with the world through technologies like holographic computing.

The real magic will come from your passion, your imagination, and what you do with these intelligent technologies. How will you transform your organization? How will you solve a society problem? We will help you dream about the future and we will help you make it real.

Code your future.