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A FULLY CHAOS THUNDERBIRD ACTION PACKED DRONE GAME –A BATTLE OF TOTAL DESTRUCTION. ASSAULT ROGUE WAR NEEDS A MAVERICK COMMANDER FOR AIR MODERN COMBAT Out of infantry Stone Age, It’s the era of Futuristic shadow aerial War wings Technology to fight with quadcopter Technology – Modern Day ally battles transformed into modern robots and UAV fight. Modern thunderbird Gunship helicopters, Hi-Tech fleet weapons and machines destroying human race in these rogue wars. War commander Operate Combat Drone shadow strike on the enemy lines. It’s a military war of total destruction, not your life but your nation’s dignity is on stake. Be an elite soldier in modern combat air assault forces. ATTACK- HUNT - DESTROY – DEFEND The shadow strike Rogue ally countries of dictatorships want to quadcopter fighter & destroy the peace of the world, don’t kneel before these death shooters. Attack the infantry army bases, destroy the enemy air force lines, hunt military and fleet aircraft, weapons and defend your country. COMMAND THE EPIC FIGHTER WAR Good luck war commander! You are leading the army. Become the ultimate air warrior in this military strategy drone game by battling to gain control of the fleet air base. Battle across the robot steel world, take command of Hi-Tech UAV aerial assault fleet vehicles and establish VTOL supremacy from your drone strike to your infantry shooter hostiles. BUILD YOUR HI-TECH UCAV ARSENAL If you don't want to be invaded by terror attacks, build your ally hi-tech arsenal. UPGRADE your UCAV quadcopter Drone strike and equip it with missiles and machine guns. Add and upgrade Multi-Target Shooting Missile system and huge destructive rockets to win over the opponent army in rogue wars. 40 MODERN COMBAT DRONE WARS MISSIONS Aerial War Commander pursues with fleet gunships, tanks hunt and attack helicopters. We included 40 aerial Battlefield dogfight fighter rogue wars, Spec Ops, Black Ops UAV covert missions. THUNDERBIRD GUNSHIP Perform HAVs & chopper war wings low level metal storm attacks with the Super steel Raptor, using the Epic Thunderbird gunship. BATTLEFIELD ROGUE WARS Assault the army lines of the enemies using modern UCAVs and destroy the air fighters and gunship helicopters attacking your bases. With hi-tech missile HAVs system and UCAV keep an eye on enemy military strike activities. SPEC Ops In Special Operations, war commander you given multiple tasks like defend your army in enemy lines, end the civil blood wars, destroy the nuclear deposits etc. Fire fleet missiles and attack on the communication system through gunship chopper of army causing chaos & destruction in military war. With direct control of your drone shadow shoot out tanks, helicopters, and infantry military, through enemy air base hordes and become a master of quadcopter aerial combat in this action packed super raptor drone game. BLACK OPS AND COVERT OPERATIONS Shoot & hunt down the spies and suicide bombers sent by enemies in your land and defend your sensitive and holy places in drone game. Defend your spy flight fighter masters in enemy lines and assets them to operate in enemies territories. Be an elite air assault soldier and the savior of the army. Kill the soldiers who retaliated against you and give them a life lesson for their betrayal. SUPPORT AND SOCIAL MEDIA Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheGamesStudios Visit our Website for support: www.thegamesstudios.com Privacy Policy: http://www.thegamesstudios.com/privacy-policy.html You can download and play this flight drone game for free, supported by in-app purchases and in-app ads. You can purchase with in this game using in-game currency or by reward video ads.




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Microsoft тіркелгісі арқылы осы бағдарламаны алып, оны он Windows 10 құрылғысына дейін орнатыңыз.

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