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Welcome to the Happy Bear Supermarket! Your lovely friends are waiting for your help! Visit the store to buy groceries with them! Can you help them? # EXPLORE AND FIND # In our Supermarket there are things hidden everywhere, find all the products we have ready for you. Cakes, fruits, vegetables, snacks, dairy products, toys, clothes, drinks and others! To find groceries and complete a special task to buy them. Our animals have to do the grocery shopping today! Play together with friends and family and help your favorite characters to do their grocery shopping! To be a good supermarket staff, you need to learn how to provide services to your customers, how to sort goods and cart, and how to clean the rotten fruits & vegetables! Many activities waiting for you! Join the fun and enjoy this educational game for children! # KEY FEATURES # - Learn a good manner! - Use a shopping list to explore this wonderful world! - Play and have fun with different animals and colorful scenarios! Unlock them! - Help mom and dad to do the grocery shopping!


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Those lovely pets friends are waiting for your help, can you help them?

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Joy Journey

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