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Classic battleship game is now online -- for your smartphone, tablet or PC! Play with your friends on iOS, Android or Windows device! Sea Wars Online is a game where you try to destroy all the "ships" on opponent's game field while trying to avoid mines and opponent's hits. This game is commonly played on paper, where player must tell his opponent which cell he is hitting, like "B-5", and opponent must answer with a result, like "You missed!". Game ends when all your ships or your opponent's ships are destroyed. You can play with AI using highly configurable game rules, or play with your friend online. You can choose: — Your game field size — Straight ships or any shape — Different arrangement densities — Decide to use or not to use mines or a spyglass — Decide to allow an extra turn after a successful hit — You can arrange your ships and mines manually, or let computer to arrange game field for you randomly — You can choose between multiple game skins (or looks): it's up to you!


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1.038: paper effect now can be configured in app settings 1.037: UI improvements 1.030: Tablet support, screen orientation can be changed in app settings. AI improvements.


  • Multiplayer (private and public game rooms)
  • Crossplatform
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Highly customizable rules
  • Different looks (skins) support

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Vadim Gromov

Шығарылған күні


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87,91 Мбайт

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3 және одан жоғары жастағыларға

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Интернет қосылымына қатынасып, сервер ретінде әрекет етіңіз.


Microsoft тіркелгісі арқылы осы бағдарламаны алып, оны он Windows 10 құрылғысына дейін орнатыңыз.

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