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Tired of boring, uninventive card games, mindless casino simulators, bleak mahjong puzzles, and spider solitaire clones? Not all hope is lost! Take part in an unusual expedition and learn first-hand about an ancient civilization in this adventurous classic card game saga with a rich original storyline, thrilling quests and captivating characters! The cute and clever dog Arnie will guide you through the game. In the ruins of a grand temple, you find a chest containing a mysterious key. What door does it open, what puzzles does it lead to? Rubi the local guide claims that this magic item can unlock the way to the past… What makes the game world special? • Time portal: complete solitaires in the past and the present to unveil the mysteries of ancient cultures. • More than 300 various new solitaires, from the simplest classic ones to the most complicated! • Lots of amazing collections: find rare artifacts and discover the real history of people lost in time. • Various puzzle card game modes to blast through: reaction-based blitz puzzles, massive solitaires that require patience and attention, you name it! • Never-ending adventures! Explore the unreachable mountain peaks, search the scarab filled pyramid, find the tomb of the king, and shuffle through endless decks of cards as you untangle the untold mysteries. • Unlike other puzzle card games or virtual casino sims, this is a story-driven experience the whole family can enjoy. Give it a try! Will the secrets of the past ever be unveiled? It’s all up to you!


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Here's version 1.66 of Solitaire: Treasure of Time! We added quite a few new things for you to enjoy—new locations, new solitaires, and new collections! * Incredible adventures in the past and present are now on extended maps. * Play in four new locations, enjoy new exciting solitaire games and improve your skills. * Collect new unique collections and complete new quests, unveil all the secrets of time. * Technical bugs were fixed, enjoy fun puzzles on a more stable application.

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Авторлық құқықтар

Game Insight, 2019

Шығарылған күні


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127,23 Мбайт

Жасты бағалау

3 және одан жоғары жастағыларға

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Интернет қосылымына қатынасыңыз


Microsoft тіркелгісі арқылы осы бағдарламаны алып, оны он Windows 10 құрылғысына дейін орнатыңыз.

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