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Mafia world complies with the tough laws. Each syndicate owns definite privileges and also - city districts. But one day in a year all Mafia families can claim to the right to infringe upon others' spheres of interest. Help one of the syndicates to win and become mafia clan representative. Fight with the others, survive at any cost to win! This Mafia War also has its special aspects: LOCATION The battle takes place in the terrain, where even environment wants to kill you: acid fog spreads across quickly; MAFIA FIGHTERS Each syndicate sends most experienced killer: don't underestimate your enemies otherwise you die. TACTICS AND STRATEGY Indispensable for survival: don't stand still - run, crouch and crawl, stay alive at all costs! MAP FEATURES Stash points, located throughout the battlefield: search for arms, first aid kits, and other loot...but not only on the map but also in your enemies' pockets For the luckiest fighters, there is an opportunity to gather the unique gangster weapons and clothing collection. Complete different tasks and earn money to unlock this or that unit. War of Criminals KEY FEATURES: 1) Furious showdown of 3 mightiest mafia syndicates; 2) Huge fighting location with lots of dangers; 3) Bonuses and hidden weapons caches; 4) Stylish mafia attires and weapons collection. Fight to the end and bring the victory and power to your syndicate!


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Games 4 Teen, LLC

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