Use 24x7 Problem Resolution Support to:

  • Make your IT department more productive

  • Reduce downtime and support costs

24x7 Problem Resolution Support provides phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This direct connection to Microsoft anytime a support need arises—for almost any product—can help you maximize uptime, lower support costs and boost IT productivity by reducing time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues.

In the past, we spent 90 percent of our time reactively. Now with Premier Support, we spend that time to plan for the future.

Before you use:

Understand Your Support Options
When a business-critical incident occurs, or your IT professionals need effective support they can count on, your team is covered with:

Around-the-clock phone support for business-critical issues. The number of phone incidents available to you depends on your Software Assurance investment. This phone support is available for all Microsoft Servers, Windows operating systems, and Office System products and editions—even if the specific license requiring support does not have Software Assurance coverage.

Unlimited Web support during business hours is available for all Standard and Enterprise edition Server products covered by Software Assurance.

Related Benefits:

Extended Hotfix Support
Get specific product fixes on a per customer incident basis, beyond the standard product support terms and releases.

When you use:

Designate Authorized Users:
Your Software Assurance Benefits Manager uses the Volume Licensing Service Center to set up a list of approved personnel who may initiate support requests, and equips them with appropriate Software Assurance access IDs.

Then your IT team can focus on resolving technical issues and deciding which level of customer support care is best, instead of spending time tracking down eligibility information.

Convert to Premier Support
If you are a Microsoft Services Premier Support customer, you may convert your allotted Software Assurance phone support incidents into Premier Problem Resolution Services to extend support from trusted experts you already know.

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