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Opera Mini Try one of the world’s fastest browsers for Windows Phone, now with a built-in ad blocker. Opera Mini is free, secure and customizable for all your browsing needs. More than 250 million people worldwide rely on Opera Mini as their personal web browser. With this version, designed specifically for Windows Phone, you can: ✔ Block ads: With Opera Mini's built-in ad blocker, you can view the content you want to see without interruptions from online ads. ✔ Use less data: Opera Mini saves your data plan by compressing the amount of data passed from websites. ✔ Browse faster: Experience the web at high speeds without compromising the way websites load on your phone. ✔ Navigate easily: The updated interface is more native to Windows Phone, making Opera Mini easier to use and beautiful to look at. ✔ Be social: Share your favorite content across social media instantly! ✔ Browse safely: Opera’s focus on security and data privacy keeps you safer on the web. ✔ Browse privately: Browse in Opera Mini’s private tabs and prevent your browsing history from being stored on your device. ✔ More customization: Choose from designer background images and browse in the style you love. Opera Mini improves your online life with: Speed Dial - Set all your favorite websites on the home screen of the browser. Add as many entries as you like! Combined address and search bar - Search Google directly by typing into the address bar at any time. Tabs - Have more tabs open at the same time, allowing you to switch quickly between different sites while browsing. Download Opera Mini right here from the Windows Phone Store and enjoy the fastest browser for Windows Phone. The official version of Opera Mini is always free to install and use. About Opera Made in Scandinavia, Opera is the independent choice for those who care about quality and design in their web browser. Our products have been crafted to help people around the world find information, connect with others and browse the internet. Enjoying Opera? Have questions or need help? Visit http://opera.com/help/mini/windows/ Discover more at http://opera.com/mobile/ Follow us and get the latest Opera news: Twitter – http://twitter.com/opera/ Facebook – http://facebook.com/opera/


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