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360Heatmaps is a desktop tool for 360 videos analytics. From gathered user sessions data can be used to create heatmaps showing the way users watch content. Heatmaps can be created from signle or multiple sessions. Single or multi session data can be visualized as single heatmap or animated heatmap video overlay on top of 360 movie. Previewing is available in real time with option to export videos to MP4 format. Main features: - viewing heatmap data generated from a single session - viewing heatmap data from multiple sessions (multiple users) - comparing heatmaps to a related video content - rendering selected part of animated heatmaps as a video overlay to a file Data sources: - 360Player for Windows - desktop appliaction for Windows with a built-in VR session recorder from headsets and flat screen usage. - 360WebPlayer - data from a web version of a 360 player, this data can be sent to a server endpoint. - 360Player for Unity - the player builder for GearVR, iOS and Android. Data gathered from mobile devices or mobile VR headsets in the form of a session file or uploaded to a preconfigured server endpoint, available as a part of the Player. - other - 3rd party applications providing session information in a compatible data format (see Data Format).

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BIVROST Sp. z o.o.

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20-авг 18

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Licence for Non-Commercial Use of BIVROST 360Heatmaps rev. as of 2015-11-25 Section 1 For the purposes of this licence, the following terms are defined as follows: 1) BIVROST 360Heatmaps – computer software created by the Bivrost Developer, used for displaying panoramic videos; BIVROST 360Heatmaps offers features and specifications listed in its Documentation; to be operational, BIVROST 360Heatmaps requires third-party software listed in the Documentation, specifically: an operating system, drivers and libraries; 2) Documentation – a description of operation, hardware and software requirements, intended use and features of BIVROST 360Heatmaps, provided together with BIVROST 360Heatmaps or contained on Bivrost’s Website; 3) Client – a natural person engaged in no economic activity, or consumer; the term ‘Client’ shall exclude legal persons and entities without legal personality, granted legal capacity under the provisions of separate law; 4) Non-Commercial Use – utilizing the software for private purposes, unrelated to any registered or unregistered economic activity; Non-Commercial Use must not bring any direct or indirect income; 5) Licence – the licence for BIVROST 360Heatmaps; 6) Bivrost’s Website – an Internet service run by the Bivrost Developer, currently hosted at: www.bivrost360.com; the Bivrost Developer reserves the right to change the URL address of the website, notifying its users by means of leaving an appropriate notice under the previous address at least one month in advance; 7) Bivrost Developer – BIVROST Sp. z o.o. with sit in Warsaw, Smiala 22/2, 01-523, registered at the XIII Commercial Division of the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, under KRS number 0000584360,with the paid in capital in the amount PLN 78 000, with its NIP number 118-211-45-71, Regon number 362940085. Section 2 Pursuant to the provisions of the Licence and the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (JoL No. 24, Item 83 as amended), the Bivrost Developer grants the Client, free of charge, with a non-exclusive, indefinite and irrevocable licence for the use of BIVROST 360Heatmaps. The Licence shall be granted as soon as it is accepted by the Client. Section 3 The Bivrost Developer declares to be the developer of BIVROST 360Heatmaps and owner of all economic rights to the computer software in question. To dispel possible doubts, the Bivrost Developer points out that BIVROST 360Heatmaps is distributed together with third-party libraries, listed in Section 8 herein and necessary for proper operation of BIVROST 360Heatmaps, that are subject to separate licences permitting the Client to use and distribute these libraries according to terms and conditions specified therein. Section 4 1. Under this Licence, the Client is entitled to use BIVROST 360Heatmaps for non-commercial purposes in accordance with its intended use and within the following scope of activities: 1) keeping BIVROST 360Heatmaps in computer storage owned by the Client; 2) creating backup copies for the Client’s own purposes, while making the simultaneous use of the backup copy impossible; 3) utilizing BIVROST 360Heatmaps (including its entry, display, application, transfer and storage) by the Client himself, within the scope defined by its intended use. 2. The scope of the Licence covers: 1) entire world; 2) indefinite time; 3) unlimited number of computers running BIVROST 360Heatmaps, providing all such computers are owned by the Client. 3. Without written consent from the Bivrost Developer, the Client shall not: 1) use BIVROST 360Heatmaps for purposes other than non-commercial; 2) make BIVROST 360Heatmaps available to third parties in its entirety or in parts, specifically make it downloadable via the Internet; 3) store BIVROST 360Heatmaps on computers that are not owned by the Client; 4) modify BIVROST 360Heatmaps in a way that falls outside of permitted configuration specified in the Documentation; 5) create any BIVROST 360Heatmaps-based derivative products; 6) apply BIVROST 360Heatmaps or its part within another computer software, regardless of its form; 7) sublicense third parties or transfer rights granted and duties imposed under this Licence to third parties. Section 5 The Client is entitled to create backup copies of BIVROST 360Heatmaps for his own purposes. Each backup copy shall be kept safe to avoid its loss or damage, to protect it from unauthorized access as well as to make it unavailable as long as it is not needed. The copy stored shall be properly marked to indicate the entity holding the copyrights. Section 6 1. It is prohibited to execute the right to utilize BIVROST 360Heatmaps beyond the scope granted by this Licence, unless such execution is allowed under mandatory provisions of law. 2. The Client shall immediately notify the Bivrost Developer of actual or suspected misuse of BIVROST 360Heatmaps copies obtained by the Client under this Licence. 3. The Bivrost Developer may want to control whether BIVROST 360Heatmaps is utilized by Clients in accordance with its intended use and the provisions of this Licence. Section 7 1. No warranty for BIVROST 360Heatmaps is granted. 2. The Bivrost Developer shall be held harmless from liability for any damage, direct or indirect, incurred by the Client or third parties as a result of the use of BIVROST 360Heatmaps, except for damage incurred through the fault of the Bivrost Developer. Specifically, the Bivrost Developer assumes no liability for possible loss of profits. 3. This clause shall be without prejudice to liabilities imposed on the Bivrost Developer by applicable regulations, specifically the laws on consumer rights protection. Section 8 To be fully operational, BIVROST 360Heatmaps requires the following libraries distributed under the following licences: 1) Caliburn Micro 3.0.0 – MIT licence published at: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Caliburn-Micro/Caliburn.Micro/master/License.txt 2) Fleck – MIT licence published at: http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php 3) HtmlAgilityPack 1.4.9 – MSPL license published at: http://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php 4) Newtonsoft.Json 7.0.1 – MIT license published at: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json/master/LICENSE.md 5) RestSharp 105.2.3 – Apache License 2.0 license published at: https://github.com/restsharp/RestSharp/blob/master/LICENSE.txt 6) SharpDX 2.6.3 – MIT license published at: http://sharpdx.org/License.txt 7) SharpVectors 1.0 – BSD license published at: http://sharpvectors.codeplex.com/license 8) ManagedOSVR – Apache License 2.0 license published at: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Section 9 1. This Licence rescinds and replaces all previous agreements made by the parties hereto. 2. Any amendments to this Licence must be made in writing, otherwise being null and void. The Bivrost Developer may make BIVROST 360Heatmaps available under different licences or amend the provisions of the Licence for agreements entered into in the future. 3. This Licence shall be governed by Polish law. 4. Any disputes arising from this Licence shall be adjudicated in the court of venue for the Bivrost Developer, unless mandatory provisions of law provide otherwise.

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